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Enjoys reviews from established horror/thriller authors, along with new ones you might have never heard of.


Recently Reviewed Books

In the past year, I have started reviewing books for both publishers and authors alike. I don’t pick my books by fame, but rather by what I feel like myself and my followers would enjoy reading about.

Gulf Review

Gulf Review

Kindle Edition Expected publication: April 27th 2021 by Silver Shamrock Publishing A 5 star read ★★★★★ Imagine being the youngest child in a big family, and everyone just seems to forget that you exist. You go through life as a mere afterthought, an unwanted...

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The Nobodies Review

The Nobodies Review

Paperback, 127 pages Published March 22nd 2021 by House of Hasara, LLC A 3 star read ★★★ Laurel Hasara has a unique way of telling a story to her readers. Her style of writing is poetic and mysterious, and unlike anything I’ve ever read. The reader is presented with a...

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Hi I'm Julia, Professional Book Review Blogger

I Would Love To Review Your Book

If you choose to submit your book for review, I can guarantee you it will always be an honest and fair review. I don’t charge for reviews, all I ask is a copy of a physical copy or e-book in exchange. I’m not biased when reviewing, but will judge solely on the story and it’s content.

I believe all authors have to start somewhere, so even if this is your first book, I would love to read it. In the past year, I have found a lot of indie authors that do such amazing work in their writing, that I wonder how I overlooked them in the past. Good books don’t all have to be on a bestseller list.

Upcoming Book Reviews

I have several books in line for review right now. I usually review them by order in which they will publish. Under normal circumstances, I will have my reviews posted at least three to four weeks before publishing.

Author Questions & Answers

I have recently contacted several authors to do virtual Q&A with me. With this, I’m hoping to introduce you to some new authors, and maybe even some new books for you to read.