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Readers, today I am excited to introduce the author of Belle Vue to you all. Her name is C. S. Alleyne, and her book blew me away. I gave it 5 stars and you can read the review right here on my blog. It will be published August 25th, 2020 by Crystal Lake Publishing, but it already has a glowing 4.64 stars over on Goodreads!

Without further ado… I introduce to you C. S. Alleyne.

Where did your inspiration for Belle Vue come from? 

I used to walk past a derelict asylum on my way to the gym. It fascinated me especially when it was then converted into luxury apartments. I started reading about the history of asylums and found out this fate mirrored what happened to so many of these buildings both here and in the US. 

Sometime later, I found a book in the library about murders in Hertfordshire (the county in which I live). In it there was a case about a girl in that asylum who was murdered. That story and my connection to the location captured my attention in a way nothing had done before. I’ve always jotted down ideas for stories, but never got round to completing anything. But this inspiration fired me up and from having years of half-finished stories and yellowing notes, I wrote every spare minute I could get and didn’t stop until Belle Vue was complete. I also love murder mysteries and anything supernatural so as I was plotting this naturally fell into place. As for the satanic cults, when I saw an article about the Hellfire Caves in West Wycombe that caught my attention too so as well as paying them a visit I also did more reading about these groups and added them to the plot.

How long did it take you to write this book? 

Quite a long time – several years in fact. I love doing research and while I knew a lot about Victorian history I didn’t know much about asylums or satanic cults! I also think it’s important – and Amazon reviews provide considerable evidence for this where authors are pulled up for the slightest transgression – to check your facts whatever time period or subject you are writing about even if it is fiction. So I did a lot of research and wrote and wrote and wrote. As a complete novice to the novel writing world and someone who loves thick tomes, I was surprised to find just how much I could write.

When Belle Vue was finally complete it was twice the length it is now. So as well as leaving it for a few years when life got in the way, with each rejection from agents I used their advice and pruned it down to a manageable length (for a newbie). When my wonderful agent, Italia Gandolfo accepted me she required further pruning but this was very detailed and specific and so I was then able to get a publisher who then pruned it a bit more!

Does writing energize or exhaust you? 

Both! It’s wonderful when I’m really immersed in my writing and the ideas and words are flowing. When that happens I can literally work all day and well into the night with only the briefest of breaks.  Whilst immensely satisfying that can be exhausting too. But it means I’m fired up to start again early the next morning. If the words aren’t flowing freely it’s probably because I’m not sure of the plot direction or the character motivation so – for me – it’s important to get those sorted in my mind before trying to write more. That doesn’t mean I stop as I still jot a lot of rough notes but they are snippets of dialogue, or descriptions about locations, clothes, activities and even possible plot points which may – or may not – appear in what I’m currently writing or for possible future use.

What do you enjoy most about the writing process? 

To create characters. For me that is the fascinating and enjoyable as you can choose every aspect of their lives and appearance and with but a few words change their fate. Such power lol but then what I didn’t expect was that – for me – the characters became so strong that it was as though they were directing their actions and speech on the page, not my imagination! I think of them as real fully formed people now, not just words on a page. 

Do you have a favorite author, if so who is it? 

I don’t have one favorite. Over the years I find an author and if I enjoy what they write I will try to read all their books and dip back when they release a new novel. I read a lot and in a variety of genres. It can also depend on the path their writing direction takes. Sometimes they veer off into areas I’m not that keen on such as alternative universes or change the lead character to a series about someone else which can go either way – but the latter I will definitely give a test read.  

What’s exciting you about your next project? 

Belle Vue is planned to be the first of a trilogy. I am in the middle of writing the sequel – Secret Nemesis is the working title – and in it, the main characters from both the Victorian and present day move to the United States and face a cross-fire of evil and danger. So more research on murder and general skullduggery, asylums in the US and satanic societies that side of the pond. It’s continuing my characters’ journeys in a new location and facing new challenges and what they want me to write!

Anything else you would like to tell us about yourself? For example, what are your hobbies? Or what do you enjoy doing? 

I love going to gym classes as it is great not just for fitness but also the social side too. 

I also love cooking and eating out so it’s just as well the gym is such a favourite hobby! 

Thank you so much for your time and for talking with me! I truly enjoyed your book and can’t wait for others to read it.

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