Kindle Edition

Published August 3rd 2020

A 5 star read

My summary: 

It’s the year 1963, and we meet Charlie and his friend Joey. They both live in the same apartment building, and they also share a passion for baggage auctions. A baggage auction lets you bid on left behind luggage in hotels and other establishments. One fateful night, Joey wins a bid on the last bag left over at the end of an auction. Once they’re back home, they find an old gramophone and several discs inside.

Neither of them have a clue what these discs contain, all they seem to hear is mysterious chanting in a foreign language. What they do know is that there is something oddly addictive and sickening within these words. 

My review:

If you’ve never read anything by Eric J. Guignard, then I think now is the time. Even though this novella was short, it was packed with an amazingly spooky story. The author sure knows how to make characters come alive and feel convincing. I really liked Charlie, and how authentic he seemed, all while trying to find his place in this world. 

The story was set in the 60’s, and I could feel myself being transported back to that time through the author’s writing. He’s very talented, and has a knack for combining real historical events with his own imagination. I won’t give away the plot in my review, but there is a lot of interesting information to be found in this book about a certain figure most of us have heard about. I’ve always been fascinated by said historical character and truly enjoyed learning more.

Thank to Netgalley and Harper Day Books for the review copy.

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