Paperback, 91 pages

Published April 27th 2020

A 5 star read


My summary: 

Teddy has a condition, which forces her to feed off other people’s emotions. Only the people she’s fed off are able to see her odd ailment. She lives with her mother, who believes only scorpion poison is able to make her own skin condition any better.

Teddy gets the scorpions from their peculiar neighbor, who collects exotic pets.  It is at his house that she meets Kiiara, who Teddy immediately feels drawn to. But Kiiara seems to have a secret that is just waiting to be unraveled.  

My review:

If I ever had to compare a book to a hauntingly abstract painting, it would be Starving Ghosts in Every Thread. Even though it was a very short read, at just 89 pages, Eric LaRocca built a solid story that felt like a mix between horror and the downright absurd. 

His protagonist’s condition was written about  in an eloquent way, even though it was a bit gross at points. You will know what I’m talking about when you read it. I felt drawn to Teddy from the beginning. Her grief and emotions were easy to understand, and I was really rooting for her happy ending.

Hard to believe this is the author’s debut novella. He surely has a knack for writing intriguing and odd (in a good way) stories. 

Thank you Eric for the opportunity to read this beautiful novella.

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