Published September 13th 2020

A 5 star read

My summary: 

Into The Forest And All The Way Through by Cynthia Pelayo is a haunting and brutal collection of over 100 poems. Each of these true crime poems tells the story of a missing or murdered woman in the United States. 

My review:

This book is a hard one for me to review. I have no experience with poetry whatsoever, especially not one with such a tragic theme. The poems are written beautifully, even if there is nothing beautiful in the topic matter. Cynthia Pelayo did an excellent job collecting these women’s stories and retelling them in her own way.

I felt so many different emotions while reading her collection. I was sad, angry and downright melancholic. This is not an easy topic to read about, but it never should be. These are real women who we are talking about and I’m outraged by each of their stories. I commend Cynthia for taking a stand for them and bringing them to our attention. 

A big thanks to Burial Day Books for the review copy.

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