Expected publication: October 23rd 2020

A 4 star read

My summary: 

Jane is a woman running from her past, which is why a well paid job at the mysterious Hacket House is perfect for her.  She leaves behind her previous work and becomes responsible for the dying Mr. Smithson. As soon as she arrives at the house she can tell things are odd. There are clocks all over the home and the other inhabitants of the estate are extremely peculiar. Then there are the strange residents of the village surrounding the house that act as if Jane is a meddlesome outsider.

My review:

Astrid Addams kindly asked me to review her upcoming novella The Haunting of Hacket House, and I immediately said yes, as I love creepy and mysterious houses as a horror trope. The author did an excellent job in setting the scene for the novella and sucking the reader in with a compelling prologue.

The protagonist, Jane, is a well developed character, whom it is easy to connect with. The other characters also make a nice addition to the already sinister plot. The story is  well written, and kept me engaged the entire time. 

Thanks to the author for the review copy. 

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