Kindle Edition, 180 pages

Published October 18th 2019 by Alien Agenda Publishing

A 4 star read

My summary: 

Librarian Harper gets a temporary gig at the Historical Society to digitally archive documents, which she is not thrilled about in the least. She can’t stand the woman that runs the place, and the whole building feels eerie to her. She tried to get out of it, but she can’t find out who is behind her new assignment. 

At first she just isn’t happy with her predicament, but when she figures out she unleashed some sort of otherworldly entity, things really start going south for her and her new friends. 

My review:

I haven’t read a lot of cosmic horror, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect from Celestial Seepage by Brian Fatah Steele. I went into the book sort of blind, and I immediately liked it. The whole set up of the rundown, old town was great. I loved Harper’s character and all of her newly found friends. There was a lot of action in the story, but also humor and heartfelt moments. Just a really great mix of different elements to piece together a great story. 

I wish there was a bit more explanation and backstory on the different characters, but I understood the essence of the book without it. It isn’t very long in itself, at just 180 pages, so I think it could have easily been fleshed out a bit more.

The ending itself was a nice one to read. We don’t get that kind of ending very often in horror, if you know what I mean!

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