Paperback, 192 pages

Published October 2020 by Meerkat Press

A 3 Star Read

The Road to Woop Woop is a very unique collection of short stories by Eugen Bacon. I had never had the pleasure of reading her works before, so I was quick to accept an early review copy from the publisher. The book contains over 20 stories, some have been published before, and some were new.

What I found within the pages of this book were thought provoking and enchanting stories. They all flowed like poetry and varied greatly in genre. Like most short story collections there were some stories I didn’t particularly like, which in this case might come down to the fact that I didn’t understand them. I might have missed the underlying point of them, I’m not entirely sure to be honest.

I do think that the author has a way of pulling you into a story and describing the scenery in an almost mythical way.

Thanks to Meerkat Press for the review copy!

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