Alongside the awesome people over at Blackthorn Book Tours, I’m excited to bring you my review of The Cult of Eden by Bill Halpin. It is an action packed occult horror/ thriller that I recently had the pleasure of reading.

Summary of The Cult of Eden:

Newlywed Will Battese finds himself homesick and overwhelmed after following his ambitious wife, Shannon, to New York City. When a surprise pregnancy shreds their already meager budget, Will drops out of college and settles for work at a low-end diner. There, a small act of kindness draws the attention of Victor Degas, a man with an unsettling presence and deformed eyes. Unbeknownst to Will, Degas belongs to an ancient, sophisticated cult known as the Edens and believes Will to be the key to gaining otherworldly power. As the sun sets on Good Friday, Degas orchestrates a home invasion in which Will and his baby boy, Gideon, are kidnapped, leaving Shannon to join forces with an unreliable agent from the Roman Catholic Church. While Will struggles to save other innocents from the Eden parish below the city, Shannon discovers that the cult plans to use her family for an unimaginable demonic ritual, and that the Vatican may let it happen. With no one to trust but themselves, Shannon and Will must fight not only to survive, but to keep their humanity intact. THE CULT OF EDEN is the first volume in The Unrisen saga.

Did that pique your curiosity? Well, it certainly did mine! And I’m truly glad it did.

My honest review:

I don’t understand how this is Bill Halpin’s debut novel. It reads more like a book from a bestselling author. It is an excellent good vs. evil horror thriller, and it really sucks you into the story. Halpin’s characters are lifelike and believable, and the world around them is carefully built to support the book.

I have always enjoyed books about cults, and I love how much action Halpin packed into his book. There is never a dull moment, and there is enough violence to even fill my dark horror heart.

Speaking of violence, there was one violent aspect of the book that I could not get over with and think he could have written it differently. I’m not easily disturbed, but something about that short scene didn’t sit right with me. I won’t go into any details, so I don’t spoil the book, but as a mother I just couldn’t overlook that.

I give the book 4 out of 5 stars.

If you’d like to find out more about the book or the author, here is some information to help you:

  • Amazon link for the book:
  • Genre:  Occult horror; Thriller
  • Print length: 336 pages
  • Suitable for young adults? No
  • Trigger warnings: Some intense and violent scenes. Demonic cult and religious themes.

About the Author:

Bill Halpin was born and raised in Orlando, Florida, where he grew up on the horror genre. After graduating from the University of Central Florida, Bill moved on to New York City and earned a degree in Optometry from SUNY. Now, he lives and practices in Saratoga Springs, NY and writes in between his appointments. The Cult of Eden is his debut novel.

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