Print Length: 216 pages

Publication date: November 13, 2020 by Demain Publishing

A 5 star read

My summary: 

Regular mortality rules don’t seem to apply any longer and the “Deadies” are walking the earth in The Underclass by Dan Weatherer.

This is how our protagonist, Lee Callows, finds himself not quite dead, but also no longer alive after an accident on his way to work. His wife no longer wants him in the house, and it seems the Dead have no rights in this new world. Lee finds company in his new friends; Meryl, a stripper who was shot by a jealous client, and Harry, who is just a head now. Yup, Harry “The Head” Buckley. 

Together they try to navigate this crazy new world and end up in all kinds of unimaginable situations. And they’re all having a really hard time coming to terms with their newfound status. 

My review:

Zombie novels are everywhere. I mean you can’t browse the horror section without finding at least a few books containing our favorite living dead. I personally am quite over it and have started to get bored with them. BUT, I’m definitely not bored of the living dead in Weatherer’s novel. He did such an excellent job breathing fresh air into the trope.

I simply love the characters in the story. Lee is such a likeable and relatable character, you truly cannot NOT love him! Meryl is the strong female character that too many stories are lacking and I was rooting for her the entire time. Harry, well he is a head. And he is also my new favorite zombie head. Not that I know that many of them personally. 

The story itself is written very well, and I appreciate the author’s wit. He knows when it’s appropriate to crack a joke, and when things need to be more serious.

A big thanks to the author and Demain Publishing for the review copy!

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