Paperback, 136 pages

Expected publication: December 7th 2020 by Bad Dream Entertainment

A 3 star read

My summary: 

The last surviving members of a doomsday cult are on a quest to find their leader’s grave. They have the ability to trace his body with the help of a cosmic signal known as the Transit Frequency. Along the way they meet other people, who are gravely affected by this frequency. Together, they hope to outpace time as the end of time lurks closer than they wish. 

My review:

The Ethereal Transit Society is a relatively short novella with a lot of content covered during this time. We get dropped straight into the story with little background story. We meet the three protagonists, who are all desperate to find their leaders grave in rural Arkansas.

The story itself is well developed and we learn a lot about the society itself. It’s not a complicated notion either, as the author does a good job explaining everything. Let’s face it, doomsday cults can be confusing, but Vaughn obviously knows what he’s talking about and he brings it in layman’s terms. There is a good amount of horror and gore, which is always a treat (I know I’m weird).

I just wish there was more to the novella. It felt like there were parts missing, and not only because it was so short. I felt myself craving more. 

A big thanks to Bad Dream Entertainment for the review copy. 

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