Kindle Edition, 31 pages

Expected publication: December 14th 2020 by Infinite Ray Publishing

A 5 star read

So, before you guys read my review let me tell you that this is not a horror short story, but drama. I know it’s quite shocking that I can ,in fact, read other genres, but that’s what happened. Jeremy offered me an arc of his new short story, and I couldn’t say no! I didn’t expect all that much, but I was wrong. Let me tell you why:

The Houseplant is the story of a fern named George, who gets picked up at a gardening store by a woman named Brenda. At first, George is not happy about this, because he’s a plant and he doesn’t really like humans. Yet, over time he gets to know and appreciate her and they become friends. Then one day something terrible happens and George doesn’t know how he is supposed to live on.

The Houseplant is such a sweet and emotional story. I will never look at plants the same way, and I wonder how much of what Jeremy wrote about is true. Imagine they really do know what we say and do for them. In a matter of 31 pages, Jeremy made me care about a house plant and a woman I’ve never heard about before. That is some magic in itself. Overall, it’s a wholesome and thought provoking story. If this was a cartoon I would have cried. One hundred percent.

Thank you for the opportunity to read this Jeremy!

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