Kindle Edition, 256 pages

Expected publication: January 19th 2021 by Flame Tree Press

A 3 star read

My summary: 

In Darkness, Shadows Breathe by Catherina Cavendish is the story of two women, whose dark faith intertwines within the walls of a hospital.

Carol is house sitting in a luxury apartment complex, while the owners are away on a business trip. Soon, weird things start happening and she starts to feel threatened by the spirits around her. After a trip to the nearby hospital things start to change rapidly. 

Meanwhile, Nessa has major surgery at the same hospital, and the same weird occurrences start to haunt her. Are they being haunted by the same angry spirit? 

My review:

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book. I didn’t care as much for the first part, which is Carol’s story, as it felt rushed and there was a lot of background information missing. Nessa’s part was a lot more enjoyable, and I find it commendable how much the author taught us about cancer treatment. You can tell she really took her time researching this to make it as life-like as possible. The author has a beautiful story telling voice, and her writing is great in itself.

The problem is that even after reading the book, I still felt lost and didn’t quite understand the story. There were too many different characters in both past and present and it was hard to keep up.  I’m not sure if I missed vital information while reading, but somehow I lost the thread at some point. 

Thanks to Flame Tree Press for the review copy. 

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