Kindle Edition

Expected publication: March 30th 2021

A 4 star read

My summary: 

A Bright Enchanted Suffering by Eric LaRocca features two macabre tales, that will leave you hugging your children just a bit tighter tonight. 

In the first story, You’re Not Supposed to Be Here, we meet a married couple having a picnic in a park with their infant son. Soon, they fall victims to an evil game hosted by two peculiar characters they meet. 

The second story, Where Flames Burned Emerald as Grass, is the story of a widower spending his vacation in Costa Rica with his daughter. They also meet their faith when a stranger comes across them with evil intentions. 

My review:

Eric LaRocca is a very talented writer, and I’m extremely happy to have met him. He has a great way with words and bringing both characters and situations to life. Both of his stories were enjoyable, even though I did figure out early on where You’re Not Supposed to Be Here was heading. This doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good read, but it took a bit of the suspense away for me. I rated this story 3 stars.

Where Flames Burned Emerald as Grass, had an enchanting and mysterious aura throughout the entire tale. I loved this story a lot. It was both engrossing but also heart wrenching as we meet the protagonist and the fatal choices he has to make. And in this case, I did not see the ending coming at all! I rated this one 5 stars.

Both tales together rated 4 stars from me! 

Thanks to Eric for the review copy!

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