Paperback, 284 pages

Published July 3rd 2020 by TouchPoint Press

A 4 star read

My summary: 

Rick Bakos’ family has a difficult history. Their family line is plagued with suicides, as early as when their ancestors moved to the United States from Bohemia at the turn of the 20th century. Rick, being without any other surviving family members but his sister, turns to a website called RestingPlace. He does genealogical research and visits the graves of undocumented people, in order to update the website.

One day, he makes a fatal mistake when he photographs the grave of Betty Kostek and shares her information with the world wide web. Soon, he finds himself plagued by late night visitations from long gone family members and his life starts to unhinge.

With the help of another hobby genealogist he tries to banish the evil and solve the mystery of their ancestors. 

My review:

Sean Paul Murphy is an excellent writer. Both his story and his characters were well thought out. The story line is gloomy and spooky, and I enjoyed the demonic storyline that spanned several generations. Rick is a character you will feel for and root for his happy ending.

I love the idea of an entire neighborhood being connected to something demonic and evil. What an awesome concept. 

If I have to be honest, I felt the book started a bit slow, but it truly made up for that after the first few chapters. I’m sure glad I stuck with it and want to thank the author for the copy! 

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