Paperback, 202 pages

Published December 18th 2020 by Grindhouse Press

A 5 star read

Kenzie and her two children find themselves seeking refuge at her estranged grandmother’s bed and breakfast. She has never met the woman, but it is the perfect opportunity to escape her abusive boyfriend. Her grandmother, Shirley, seems like a kind and caring person and takes the three of them in with open arms. She only has one rule for the trio; they are supposed to stay away from the third floor at all times. A pair of reclusive old women have been living on said floor for over three decades.

A few weeks into their stay, Shirley has to suddenly leave the bed and breakfast and leaves Kenzie in charge. To make matters worse, the kids get sick and Kenzie finds herself alone. Yet, that isn’t the worst thing that is about to happen in the house.

The Rotting Within is a fantastic book filled with action, suspense, terror and everything a horror book should entail. I am so glad I got a chance to read it as my first book for 2021. It surely made the start of a new year more enjoyable. Matt Kurtz has a unique talent for keeping his readers engaged and describing his visions perfectly. I didn’t feel like I was merely reading a book, but I was also living the book.

And let’s talk about the ending. It was so unexpected, I found myself holding my breath for the last few pages. This book truly went out with a bang!

I am definitely keeping an eye on Kurtz’s future works.

Thanks to the author for the review copy!

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