Paperback, 321 pages

Expected publication: January 26th 2021 by Garden Path

A 4 star read

My summary: 

A mysterious group called “The Network”, has been solely responsible for the distribution for “The Manuscript”. Only those who have read it know what exactly it is, and in most cases they end up disappearing or murdered. There is no trace of it on the internet, and all information is passed around on handwritten notes.

Participants of the Network also have sworn of all technology. They do not use phones, computers or the internet. They are convinced that something terrible is trying to reach our world through screens. And THEY are always watching…

My review:

Reading just the summary of the book, I wasn’t prepared for what was about to unfold on my Kindle. Screens is so much more than just a story about a mysterious manuscript. In fact, Christopher Laine has built an entire world within 300+ pages, that not only includes our reality, but others as well.

Without giving away the plot, I will try to rehash some of the parts of this book. We got some time traveling, cosmic horror, the terrors of drug addiction, and conspiracy theories all in one. There certainly is a lot going on here. But it all works perfectly together, even if it did get a bit confusing at times. I did find the book to be hard to follow at times, but it all worked out in the end and I understood what was happening. Overall, a good novel that I would definitely recommend.

Thanks to Netgalley and Garden Path for the arc.

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