Kindle Edition, 224 pages

Published August 4th 2020 (first published November 29th 2017)

A 5 star read

My summary: 

Imagine a day when we can no longer eat meat from animals, because they are infected with a virus that could potentially kill us. In response to that the government makes cannibalism legal! And yes, now we got breeding facilities and slaughterhouses for “special meat”. Sounds insane, right? Well, enter the world of Tender is the Flesh and you get exactly that.

Marco works at a processing plant in order to afford the care his sick father needs. He might hate his work, as would most people, but he knows what he has to do. He has learned how to detach himself from his work, and no longer sees “the meat” as human. That is until he is given his own female specimen, and within a short while he realizes she is an awful lot like him. A normal human being. 

My review:

I feel like I should start my review with how repulsive and gross this book is. But honestly, it wasn’t to me. It makes me feel a bit odd how much I actually enjoyed this book. You’re probably thinking how can she enjoy a book about butchering and eating humans? Well, it might be about that on the surface, but if we dive deeper we get a whole other story.

This isn’t just a book about cannibalism. It’s also a book about losing the ones you love, and trying to live your life after.  It’s a book about the government, and how dangerous it is to blindly trust it. It is about the animals we take for granted and abuse. There is so much packed into these 224 pages, it’s hard to summarize it all.

One point I might add, I could’ve gone without the scene with the puppies. I know it sounds odd to complain about that after just saying I enjoyed a book about eating people, but well I’m a huge animal lover, so there it is. 

And yes, it is gross. Revolting at times. But I still loved it in all its weirdness.

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