Publisher : JournalStone (January 29, 2021)

Language : English

Paperback : 224 pages

A 4 star read

My summary:

In 1964, a young couple went on a murdering spree after becoming convinced their love would last forever. They had taken and passed a test in the Chapel, an ancient and sacred place hidden on the outskirts of Waterwich. The Chapel is said to only work for lovers with a pure and true love for each other.

Fifteen years ago, Jonno meets the new girl in town. Her name is Jessica and her parents have sent her to live with her aunt in Waterwich. She is known for her morbid personality and reckless behavior. Jonno falls in love with her, and one night they also go looking for the Chapel.

In the present, Jonny Trotter has to return to Waterwich for his father’s funeral. He has tried to forget his tragic past for fifteen years now. But, some things never stay buried. 

My review:

Midnight in the Chapel of Love by Matthew R. Davis is a compelling mystery that will leave you feeling haunted long after you’ve finished it. Even though the story is written in two different timelines, he manages to keep everything clear and makes sure it all comes together in the end.

His characters are (mostly) likeable and well thought out. I especially enjoyed the friendship between Jonno and his two best friends. A friendship that truly endured the test of time.

The whole Chapel concept was a very unique and thrilling idea, and Davis’ description was very detailed. I almost felt like I had stepped into the Chapel myself. Davis also truly knows how to portray emotions. It wasn’t hard to comprehend Jonno’s feelings. The ending was especially raw and emotional, and left me with goosebumps and almost (!!) teary eyed!

Thank you so much to the author for this review copy.

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