A 5 star read

My summary:

A sinister and otherworldly group by the name of The Cabal, is terrorizing Lorelai Palumbo. She has no real clue as to what she has done to deserve this. All The Cabal are telling her is that she has to atone and confess for her crimes, or she will suffer.

While Lorelai tries to figure out what she has done, The Cabal are busy destroying her entire life around her; her career, her family and her friends. No one is safe. Time soon seems to be running out for Lorelai, and she makes a desperate attempt to right her wrongs in The Cabal’s own world.

My review:

This is the second book I’ve read by Tim Waggoner, and also my second five star read by him. He is an extremely talented horror author, and his world building is simply “out of this world”. He has a real talent for seamlessly  mixing the real world with fantasy worlds. 

Waggoner’s writing is extremely dark, and absolutely no one is safe in this novel. It doesn’t matter whether a character is a child, an adult or an elder; everyone might suffer. I have to warn you: There is a specific part of the book that had me a bit shaken up. It involves children’s deaths, and that is something that really gets to me. So if  that makes you as uncomfortable as me, just be aware that stuff like this does happen in this book. Nevertheless, it does not change my opinion on this book. 

The last part I want to talk about is Lorelai herself. She is an amazing protagonist, and I took quite a liking to her. When the book was over, I was actually kind of sad that her and my story was over. But who knows, maybe I will find her on the Nightway one day!

A big thanks to Flame Tree Press and Netgalley for the arc. 

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