Kindle Edition

Published March 19th 2020

A 2 star read

My summary:

Alex is a rich heiress that truly has it all. Living in an apartment in a tower named after her family, she has all the money she could possibly ask for. After her husband’s tragic death, she is left with the wish to have a baby with him.

Luckily, she finds Vick who seems to be an exact doppelganger of her late husband. She uses her influence and wealth to pay him for sperm donations, in order to have a baby resembling her and her dead husband. But soon, Vick finds his marriage straining.

My review:

Alex Six has a great premise. I mean who doesn’t love a good stalker, especially one that is straight up crazy?  I see the majority of readers liked the book, but it really wasn’t for me. The book could’ve been a really great one, and I did like the twists and the ending.

What I did not love was the cheesy and quirky writing. The entire book was dripping in sarcasm and snark. I, myself, am a really sarcastic person, but this was way too over the top. Also, the word peasant is only funny so many times. 

Thank you so much to the author for this review copy. 

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