Kindle Edition, 377 pages

Expected publication: March 16th 2021 by Inkshares (first published June 13th 2015)

A 5 star read

We first meet Clara Blackstone as she is on her way to live with her grandmother in India. The year is 1873, and Clara tells the reader the story of her life just months prior to her journey.

Clara’s husband Henry, had her committed to an asylum and she wanted nothing more than to return to her normal married life. But Henry moved to a new city during her incarceration and now wants her to join him in his new life. His new friends are nothing but judgmental about Clara’s behavior and expect her to be a better wife to Henry.

Clara soon makes an unexpected friend in a local female prisoner. A woman that is to stand trial for the murder of nearly twenty people, including her own children. She becomes a sort of confidante to Clara, who has to not only protect her own freedom now, but also her inheritance from her husband.

My review:

Have you ever read a book that made you really angry with the world? If not, then look no further than The Savage Instinct by M. M. DeLuca. There were times during reading that I had to put the book down and take a break. The way women are treated within these pages is utterly disgusting. They are lied to, mistreated and made into mindless arm candy for influential men. I applaud the author for making me feel this way, as we all know this used to be reality for many women. And it might not be too far fetched for our modern times either.

I adore the way DeLuca writes. Her writing flows and teleports the reader to another time. Her characters are either someone you will love or hate. Some of them I hated so much, I had to remind myself it was just a book. I truly felt for poor Clara and often wanted to reach through the pages and help the woman. I’ve seldom felt this invested in a book. 

Thanks to Inkshares and Netgalley for the review copy.

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