Kindle Edition

Expected publication: May 4th 2021

A 3 star read

Walk Among Us is a book containing three different stories from three different authors all taking place in the world of Vampire: The Masquerade. Not all of you will be familiar with this, but it is a widely popular role playing game. As there are three stories here, I will give them each a rating. 

My review:

A Sheep Among Wolves 1/5

I didn’t care for this story at all. In fact, it felt like I was reading a badly written YA novella. I simply disliked all the characters, and it all felt too forced.

Fine Print 5/5 

This was my favorite out of all three. It is an excellent story about making deals with the wrong people. I loved how dark and gruesome this story was. Cassandra Shaw did an amazing job bringing the World of Darkness into this collection. 

The Land of Milk and Honey 4/5

Caitlin Starling’s entry in this book is also very solid. It’s a very unique story, and I enjoyed the double meanings surrounding the ethical issues in it.

A big thanks to Harper Voyager and Netgalley for the advanced copy.

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