Published September 29th 2020




                                                                                  A 5 star read


A few weeks ago, Tony Sosa approached me on Instagram asking if I wanted to read his novel Summerland: The Gospel of Noah. The synopsis sounded great and the cover looked even better. I agreed and he sent me a review copy. What I found was this…


My review:

When you hold Summerland in your hands, you get more than just a book about an old influential and powerful family, and a wanna-be magician who  never really fit in. No, within these pages you find a journey of self discovery laced with folklore and mysticism.

Tony Sosa is an extremely talented writer, and I believe this book should be a staple in any bookstore. If you enjoy reading about witches, the dark arts, and family secrets then I urge you to pick up a copy. You won’t regret it. 

A big thanks to the author for the review copy.









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