Paperback, 300 pages

Expected publication: September 28th 2021 by Inkshares

A 4 star read

If I had to summarize The House of Dust in one word, I would tell you it’s confusing. During the first quarter of the book I almost gave up and put it away. Now having finished it, I have to say I’m extremely glad I did not do that.

You may ask why I say it’s confusing, but I still soldiered on. Well, it’s a good kind of confusing. Not often do I find a book where I honestly can’t figure out exactly what’s going on, but it still draws me in so deeply that I can’t look away. The mystery of this book truly compelled me. 

The novel is basically about a true crime writer by the name of Brad, a former prostitute named Missy, and a really weird town with an even weirder house. Already sounds like the perfect set up and it should’ve been a pretty forward story, right? Well, it’s not. There is also a cult and a bunch of odd side characters. 

What really drew me in with this book was the dreamlike, surreal setting and the melancholic tone the author set throughout it. Also, the vivid and creepy scenes within the story. It’s hard to believe this is his first published book (from what I have seen on Goodreads at least). 

A big thanks to Netgalley and Inkshares for the advanced copy.


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