Kindle Edition

Expected publication: Summer 2021

A 5 star read

When S.H. Cooper announced on her Twitter account that she had a Victorian Gothic Horror novel coming up, I had to jump at the chance to review it early. If you know me, you know that it is one of my favorite genres. There is just something special about the slow burn of a gothic horror novel and Inheriting Her Ghosts is no exception.

We first meet Eudora Fellowes, the protagonist of this book, in her old childhood home. She lives without a husband, but she is never alone either: always on her side are her two protectors, her loyal dogs. From the start I could relate to Eudora and her preferring canine companionship over that of fellow humans. She also doesn’t quite fit in with the other “ladies” due to her unconventional dress and sharp tongue. Oh, how I understand where you’re coming from Eudora.

To Eudora’s surprise she soon learns she inherited not only her late great-aunt’s money, but also her estate. This estate is a seaside manor by the name of High Hearth that Eudora only saw once as a child. She decides to pack up and moves into the manor with her hounds. But it isn’t as peaceful as the thought it would be, and a dark secret is about to become unearthed. 

I truly enjoyed reading this book. It started a bit slow, but that was made up with the excellent and witty character that Eudora is. It also didn’t stay slow for long, as there surely was a lot of suspense and horror to be found within High Hearth’s walls. While reading I found myself transported back in time, and it wasn’t hard to imagine the abandoned manor and it’s (locked) doors. 

Thank you to the author for this review copy!


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