Published by Pipe Screams Press

A 3 star read

Janine Pipe’s debut short story collection “Twisted: Tainted Tales” is jam-packed with a variety of horror stories ranging widely in genre. 

Usually when we get a short story collection, it is just that: a book filled with various shorts by the author. But Pipe did it a little bit different. Her book is set up as if she didn’t write the stories herself, but rather came from a different author. A woman named Jill finds the stories in a house she is tasked with cleaning out. Alongside the stories, she also finds an 80s mixtape, which all relate to the writings. 

There were a lot of stories within this book I enjoyed, but some just felt like they ended too abruptly or just weren’t my cup of tea.

I loved Jill’s commentary before each story, but what I didn’t like were the author notes coming from Pipe after them. It really broke the immersion for me. I don’t necessarily mind author notes, but in this case it just didn’t work out.

A big thanks to the author for this review copy.


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