Kindle Edition, 157 pages

Published March 16th 2021

A 3.5 star read

Isabella Ashford wants nothing more than for her father to overcome his mysterious illness, and to be free of her terrible fiance. She asks their servant Jacob to take her to the woods to meet with The Lady of the Hill, a curious woman that is said to have certain powers. Of course, this is 1705 so these powers are not seen kindly to.

Soon after her visit, Isabella’s father ends up dead, and the whole town wants nothing more than for  her to hang for her supposed witchcraft.

I have always immensely enjoyed the history of witchcraft. I’m well versed with the Salem Witch Trials and the way women used to be treated during that time. It comes at no surprise to me that I also appreciated Barclay’s novel.

I really liked the way the author described the witch trial scenes, and made it a point to give a detailed visual. He also showed his readers how terrible servants and strangers were treated by the affluent. After reading this, I know Barclay spent a great deal of time researching what he was writing about. So while this book might be considered fiction, it is somewhat true to history as well.

The let down was that the book was too short. There were many instances where I just wanted more clarification or content. In the end, I needed more details on The Lady of the Hill, and her mysterious coven.  

Thanks to the author and the publisher for the review copy. 

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