Expected publication: July 15th 2021 by Unnerving

A 3 star read

Isa is a twitch streamer, who has been streaming for donations in order to undergo facial feminization surgery. But just as she has enough money, her father needs it for yet another experimental treatment for his life threatening disease. 

She thinks this is the end of the road, and she will never get the features she has hoped for. That is until she finds a mysterious doctor who promises a free, yet experimental gender affirming surgery. After the first treatment everything seems to go according to plan, the only problem is her body won’t stop changing. 

I truly enjoyed the first part of this book. It was entertaining, funny and you can’t help but love Isa’s character. She has the same sarcastic humor as myself, and I sympathized with the struggle she went through. I was completely engrossed in the story.

Yet, after a while it all felt a bit rushed. Stuff was happening too fast, and I have to say maybe a bit too bizarre. Now, don’t get me wrong I really liked the weirdness and grotesque imagery, but at some point it kind of went way out there. 

Still, a really entertaining queer body horror tale and if this sounds interesting to you, I would definitely give it a read! 

Thanks to the publisher for the free copy!

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