Paperback, 1, 306 pages

Expected publication: May 20th 2021 by Reveal Books

A 4 star read

Rave  is the story of Seth and his friends set in 1999 in Canada. They all come from a small town, you know the ones where everyone knows everyone. He hates his shitty job, his home situation and the fact that his last name is tainted. Ten years ago his cousin was involved in the murder of a girl, and well small towns never forget.

He makes his way to a rave in the middle of nowhere with his friends. This is supposed to be the ultimate party night, along with finally getting some alone time with his crush Dimitri. 

But things have a way of not working out, and soon the friends find themselves hunted by a horned man-beast. All of this while on drugs. Sounds fun, right? 

I love Konn Lavery’s style of storytelling. He doesn’t just write an engaging horror thriller, but he also adds lots of humor. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book where the author addresses the characters directly. It’s unique and refreshing! 

If you like reading about the 90s, drug fueled raves, and friendship; then this is your jam!

Thank you Konn for the review copy!  

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