Kindle Edition, 1, 302 pages

Published June 8th 2021 by Aberration Press Books

A 3 star read

Judy Angel opens her eyes one day and can’t remember anything. All of her memories are gone, and she has no idea how she got to her hometown. She knows she was on her way to drop off a manuscript for her husband, but everything else is blank.

Her parents take her back to her childhood home, where she finds messages from her younger self. Now she has to face the demons of her past, and figure out why she chose to run away to begin with.

When I first picked up this book I didn’t know where it was going. I knew it was about a woman with memory loss, but I would’ve never guessed what turns it would take. It was a very surprising story, and I did enjoy it mostly.

If you enjoy reading thrillers with lots of twists and turns, then this will be for you. For me, it was sadly a bit too “twisty” in some areas. I’m not saying a story needs to be fully linear, but at some points I got lost or maybe I just didn’t pay attention enough? I don’t think it was the writing, there’s just books that are meant for you, and some that are not. 

Thanks to the author for the review copy!


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