Paperback, 1, 278 pages

Expected publication: September 13th 2021 by Infested Books

A 4 star read

Hannah and Jake buy an old house in the middle of the woods. The pair always wanted a house that was cut off from the rest of the bustle of life, but Jake isn’t so sure if living in the middle of nowhere is right for him. Yet, Hannah insists it is her dream house and they end up purchasing it. 

As soon as they move in things start getting weird, and when Jake leaves for a tour with his band everything turns into a nightmare for both Hannah and him.

Picker’s Bleed is a well written story about the dark side of magic and long ago curses. I have always loved books in the realm of witchcraft, but they mostly don’t scare me anymore. Mark R. Faulkner, on the other hand, has a good way of sneaking up on you and making you pull your blanket up over your nose! There are a few scenes that sent shivers down my spine and made me check the corners in my bedroom. Really good story, with lots of fantastic characters in it. 

Thanks to the author for the review copy!


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