Paperback, 256 pages

Published June 14th 2021 by BookBaby

A 5 star read

Drag artist Kendall and his best friend Jenna share a horror podcast called “Shockadelica”. They are both huge horror fans, and love everything from movies to local legends. When it turns out that their shared apartment building might also have it’s own haunting, they stop at nothing to get behind what is happening to them and their neighbors. They launch a full investigation and involve their very culturally diverse neighbors in their task. 

Horror doesn’t always have to be super scary and shocking. Sometimes, you come upon a horror book that is also wildly entertaining and funny. I adored Kendall and his mannerisms. He makes for the perfect main character in a quirky, yet spooky horror book. 

Jon O’Bergh did a fantastic job including characters from all over the world in his book, and let us readers learn about different supernatural legends as well. You can tell he truly did his research. 

Shockadelica is an excellent addition to the world of LGBTQ+ horror world. Thank you Jon for the review copy!


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