Kindle Edition

Published July 8th 2021

A 4 star read

I’m obsessed with mermaids. There you have it. You might’ve already known that, if not.. Well now you do. I’m fascinated with them, and I could even be open to the possibility that they exist. 

The protagonist of Merfolk, a man named Dr. Marty Murdock, is convinced that mermaids/merman/merfolk do exist. He has spent a large chunk of his trust found on a research vessel, and after becoming a scientist he’s now cruising around the ocean to find his merfolk. 

I am in love with the way mermaids were portrayed in this book. I always figured that they wouldn’t be the loving ladies mythology has made them out to be. No, in this case they’re deadly and dangerous. Of course, it takes about 75% of the book until we finally get to the mermaids, but it was worth the wait. The story before we meet them is actually pretty good, spiced with some romance and Netflix drama. I mean what else can you want, right?

It’s not a perfect book, but it’s very good. There aren’t that many dark mermaid books around, so in this case I’ll take it!



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