Paperback, 168 pages

Expected publication: August 27th 2021 by Beware The Moon Publishing

A 4 star read

When I first opened up my copy of The Burning Boy & Other Stories by Denver Grenell, I was already in love with the cover itself. What a fitting image for this collection of stories. The stories range in topic matter, and I found myself enjoying almost all of them. 

My favorites included Lilith, a story about a man falling for a woman at a party and following her into the unknown.

The Grave, which introduces us to a lonely man in a graveyard, whose intention there might not be what we might think.

And In Comes the Tide, my absolute favorite story in the entire book. It tells the story of a woman, who realizes that death might not mean simply ceasing to exist. 

Denver’s writing is beautiful, and the way he describes the surroundings in a story makes it feel as if you were really there. 

Thanks to the author for the review copy. 






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