Kindle Edition, 120 pages

Published March 26th 2021 by D&T Publishing (first published March 25th 2021)

A 4 star read

You know how your grandma is supposed to be the person that always has your back and stuffs you with cookies and candy? Well, Mark Towse’s Nana surely isn’t that kind of granny. Her own grandson is afraid to spend the night with her, and he has good reasons. 

Nana lives in Newhaven Crescent along with a bunch of other weird old people, and they get together once in a while to play Bingo or whatever it is that old people do. That’s at least what Olly and his mom think and boy, are they wrong.

This book is funny, dark and really gross. Some of the descriptions make me wish I found a youth potion. Maybe Amazon  will sell them in the near future. If not, I’ll just have to hope we get a paperboy some time soon around here. 

Thanks to the author for the review copy.


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