Paperback, 256 pages

Published August 2nd 2021 by Dark Peninsula Press

A 3 star read

Enough is enough is what I imagine most of the women protagonists in this collection would say, and their stories surely echo that sentiment. 

Filled with violent tales of revenge and full out rage, Violent Vixens brings you good old horror tales from all sorts of talented authors. 

This being a short story collection, there is something for everyone in it. I didn’t care for some of the stories, but others made up for that. You just can’t please everyone, but PLEASE don’t mention that to the vixens within this book. 

Some of my favorites include:

Sister Glitter by Gwendolyn Kiste

The Parts that Hurt me the Most by Matt Neil Hill

Bloody Bon Secour by Sarah Read 

Rose Pink and Roadhouse Blue by S.R. Miller

This was my first ever group read, and it was fun discussing all the stories. 


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