Kindle Edition

Expected publication: October 1st 2021

A 5 skull read

A group of five kids sit around a glowing campfire in the deep, dark woods. They meet there every night in the days leading up to Halloween to share their best and creepiest stories. Every night another person takes a turn and the readers get to see their stories unfold. 

When I say Christopher Robertson has a way with words, I mean he can quite literally pull you into a story and make you see what he does. 

The October Society was different from books I’ve read in the past, as this one described the surroundings and scenes in such detail, that I sometimes felt I was watching a show instead of reading a book. 

We have a phrase for this in Germany, called “Kopfkino”, which translates to “head cinema” and that’s exactly what I felt while reading. The writing is as clear and descriptive as seeing the scenes unfold in front of you on a TV screen. 

The characters are all lovely, and I had a hard time picking my favorite. Well, you guys know me by now, so the dachshund is a big contender. 

What I also found very interesting was the written commercials interrupting the stories from time to time, making it seem even more like a TV show. 

The biggest of thank-you to the author for the advanced copy. 




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