Paperback, First, 275 pages

Published January 16th 2021 by Omnium Gatherum Media

         4 star read

Helminth is one of those books that lures its readers in with its mystery, and then smacks them in the face with a creepy gore fest.

When I first started reading Helminth I thought I was in for a good old mystery book. Rei, the main character, is very concerned for her friend Abby, who just lost her husband in a brutal mugging. Trying to take her mind off of things for a few days, she takes Abby and two other friends to her late parents’ lake house.

At first, everything seems fine and even though Abby acts a bit off, the girls don’t put much stock into it. They know of her trauma, so they mostly try to give her space. But soon things turn way more sinister, and Rei finds herself battling supernatural forces beyond her wildest nightmares.

There are a lot of heartfelt emotions to be found within this book. I could feel Abby’s friends’ concern and love for her pouring out of the pages. The author did a great job to remind us that trauma is permanent, and doesn’t dissolve within a few weeks.

But since this is a horror book, it’s also combined with lots of creepiness and gore. Oh, so much gore. Some of it made me quite queasy, as the author surely knows how to describe every gut wrenching detail.

Thank you to the author for the review copy.


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