Published September 12th 2021 (first published April 1st 2014)


A 3 Skull Read

 Part medical mystery, part haunted house; Hunter Shea’s The Waiting scares readers with its fear of the unknown. 

The beginning of The Waiting introduces us to Cassandra, who collapses during her and Brian’s wedding. After she undergoes life saving surgery and not waking up from a coma, Brian decides to take her home into their new house. What he thought would be the safest thing to do for his new bride, soon turns into a race against the supernatural as a small boy haunts Cassandra. 

I enjoyed reading this fast-paced short book, even though sometimes the dialogue felt forced and unnatural. Seeing as this story is based on true events, I can’t say if the author’s relationship with his mother in law truly is this great, but it sometimes felt fake. 

Other than that, the atmosphere was excellent, and the ending was the best part of the entire book. I loved that twist so much! 

Thank you to the publisher for the review copy.


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