Kindle Edition, 200 pages

Published 2021 by Hold My Beer Publishing


4 Skull Read

I freaking adore mermaids. Really anything with mermaids/sirens in it: the scarier, the better. I am a full grown adult that wants there to be merpeople living in the depths of our oceans, ready to strike at any moment. Gruesome killing machines; half-human, half-fish. I don’t know when this obsession started. So, when I heard about Maiden, I immediately jumped over to Netgalley and requested an advanced copy. Here is what I thought:

The mermaids themselves are a-mazing! They are everything I want in them, if not better. In fact, I need more of them. I want this to be a whole series, because these are not your fairytale mermaids, and I’m all here for it. 

I also enjoyed the characters to an extent. The captain and his three new crew members were all flawed human beings, just like the rest of us. I like being able to sympathize with characters that are down on their luck. Makes the book feel more organic, more real. 

The villain, on the other hand, was more vile and disgusting than I expected. I’m not generally a person that gets offended easily, but this villain did nothing but just that. Since I can only assume this was on purpose, I won’t deduct any points for his gross presence in the novel. Just some parts were a bit too much, but then again trigger warnings were included in the book, so it’s nothing I didn’t know going on. 

A very solid, gruesome and outright bloodbath by the two authors working together! 

Thanks to the authors for the review copy!


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