Paperback, 188 pages

Published December 4th 2020 by BookBaby

4 Stars

Christmas. What a peaceful and jolly holiday during the most wonderful time of the year. Or, is it? According to Krampus and Friends: Tales of Terrifying Christmas Monsters From Around the World, it doesn’t quite seem that way. Sure, the “good” kids get presents a plenty, but what about the “bad” kids? Well, what’s waiting for them in most of these tales is rather horrific.

I had a good time reading this book, especially since I grew up in Germany and I’ve heard of a lot of these tales in the past. I had a feeling of nostalgia getting to experience these stories all over again, but this time with a new twist by the author. If you like the idea of Krampus, you will surely enjoy learning all about his friends as well! 

Thanks to the author for the review copy.




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