Kindle Edition, First, 330 pages

Expected publication: January 25th 2022 by Dark Night Horror

A 4 Star Read

Open waters are terrifying. Well, at least to me. But I do think that the characters written by Damian Dawes in his novel Hunted would agree with me after meeting the Abarath. A viscous creature that only has one goal- to eat you.

Katrina Robbins is a damaged woman whose life has been rough so far. She takes a job on an icebreaker in the Arctic Circle with a crew of misfits. It’s already one hell of a job, but when the seemingly greedy captain let’s some tourists join the ride, things go to hell a lot quicker than expected.

Dawes’ writing and pacing are pretty unique to me, and I’m not saying that in a bad way. He uses short and sometimes clipped sentences to create a hectic and dramatic environment, and it works. His monster, the Abarath, is also extremely well thought out, and also pretty repulsive, which is just how I like it. 

The death scenes are gore galore, and the author is able to paint a pretty vivid picture. Some deaths were satisfying and some rather sad, but that depends on how much Dawes helped us like/dislike the character. So, prepare to be elated at the Abarath finally catching up with your most hated character, or draw in a shocked breath when it’s someone you really liked (no hints from me!). 

Overall, a well written, fast paced action-horror book!

Thanks to the author for the arc. 




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