About Curiosity Bought The Book

About Curiosity Bought The Book

Hey everyone,

I realized earlier that I always post my reviews to my blog, but I’ve never really introduced myself. Not that my life is exciting enough to need much introduction, but I still wanted to take the time to tell you guys a bit about me.

I started this blog after being active as a reviewer on various social media platforms for about a year. I realized that even though I loved sharing my reviews alongside everyone else, I still wanted somewhere I could compile all my thoughts. So, think of this blog as a sort of collection of all my reviews.

If you follow me on IG or Twitter you might already know some things about me. If not, stay with me and I will do my best to introduce myself.

My name is Julia and well, I love horror! I always have and most likely always will. As cliche as it sounds, my horror love started with Stephen King and I’ve remained a big fan of his. But it was also important for me to branch out, so you will see a lot of indie author reviews.

Aside from being a reviewer, I’m also a mom of two and a fur mom of three dogs. My husband and I have been married for almost thirteen years now after meeting in my hometown in Germany. I moved to the States with him in 2008, and well the rest is history.

Currently, I’m working on my Bachelors in English to hopefully either get into professional editing or publishing once I’m done. I had already completed a degree in Criminal Justice, but in the end it just wasn’t for me.

I think that’s about it for right now! As always, feel free to contact me about a review. I try to take as many as possible, but I only got two eyes, so I can’t read it all.

If you haven’t, come find me on IG and Twitter. Let’s be friends!



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Julia V The Ocean

Julia V The Ocean

Hey bookfriends! 

Yesterday, I got killed. Yes, killed. By an amazing and very talented woman named Janine. She has a Patreon, and if you subscribe she will write a 500 word story, in which she basically kills you with whatever you fear. 


I have to share the story with you guys. If you did not know, I have an extreme fear of open water. I just can’t deal with the fact that I can’t see what’s beneath me. So, I asked Janine to kill me in the water. Which she did.. Poor me! 

Julia V The Ocean.

An original Patron Story by Janine Pipe 24/06/2020

Julia was a strong woman. She was a mom and an army wife. She might love Stephen King but no monster would get the better of her. 

Or, so she thought …


Ah this was the life.

Husband at work, kids in school.

Perfect day for a visit to the beach. And since it was mid-week, there was no one else around. Just her, a thermos of coffee and her battered but favourite copy of Salem’s Lot.

It was pleasantly warm, with a nice breeze. And there was nobody to bother her. Not a soul. 

Julia settled down on the sand, took a sip from her thermos (Dunkin with creamer and sugar – perfect) and opened the yellowed with age novel.

She felt serene, the most relaxed she’d been in weeks.

Isn’t it always the way? There you are, minding your own business when something catches you off guard, out of the blue.

That’s what the next few moments felt like to Julia.

There were several things she cared about strongly – her children, her husband, her dog, coffee and books. Three of those things she would risk her life for. 

However, her single biggest fear was open water. Which was why although she was at the beach, she wouldn’t even dip her toes in the ocean. Not without her husband there at least, and certainly not when the place was deserted. You didn’t know what might be out there, hell, you didn’t know when a strong current would wash you away or a mammoth wave pull you under.

No thank you! Julia was more than content on her beach blanket, getting lost in the pages of 1970’s vampires. 

Until she heard the scream

Bolting upright, she scanned the horizon. Nothing. Nada. 

Maybe she’d imagined it?

She shook her head, scoffing at herself. There was literally no one around. It was probably a seagull, they made crazy sounds sometimes.

It was almost convincing, yet Julia still felt a slight shiver run through her spine. Then, she heard it again.

A definite childlike scream, coming 

(of course)

from the sea.

“Helllllp” the child cried. “Mommy!”

Now. Julia knew her kids were safe at school. But that wasn’t enough to dampen the immediate tug she felt as a mom hearing those words.

Jumping up, she craned her neck to see if she could spot anyone around. Anyone who could fit the description of Mommy and more importantly, the child making the noise.

The beach was still like a ghost town. There was no sign of life now or someone having recently vacated. Yet, the screaming persisted and now god damn it, in the distance, she could see someone


thrashing about in the water.

“HEL  … P” came the watery pleading. Whoever 


was out there, was drowning.

Julia panicked. She could swim of course, they regularly took the kids to the Y and she had even done a couple of life-saver courses just to be prudent.

But, there was a massive difference between the local public pool and the deep, blue sea.

Yet how could any mother stand by and let a child drown? She couldn’t. 

Taking a deep breath and trying to ignore the fact her entire body was shaking, Julia kicked off her sandals and waded into the water. 

“Hang on!” She called. “Try to paddle, stay above the water.”

She swam as hard and fast as she could over towards the child. They seemed to be struggling more and more and somehow, moving further away from her.

“Try to stay still!” She cried. The current was getting stronger and she was tiring quickly. The only thing spurring her on was saving the child.

Almost there she said through gritted teeth. She was beginning to wonder how she’d have the strength to swim back to shore safely with the child in tow.

All of a sudden, she saw the child go under … and not come back up to the surface.

“No!” she screamed and pushed further until she reached the spot of the struggle.

Odd. Where could they have gone? She took a deep breath and dove under the waves, expecting to see them in the clear water. Nothing.

Gasping for air, she came back up to the surface. Something wasn’t right.

“Hello?” she called, treading water. There was no sign of a child, or anything else for that matter.

Julia suddenly felt very afraid. The adrenaline that had kicked in like a mama super power was rapidly fading, and brought instead a sense of foreboding and utter hysteria.

Turning back to the shore, she realised just how far she had swum. 

Fighting the urge to give in to utter, blind panic, she tried to push off and make her journey back to safety.

When she felt the pull on her legs.

What the

It was so forceful her whole body was dragged under.

She managed to scream just before her head went down too, deep into the ocean.

She desperately tried to writhe and thrash but the hands 

(so many little hands)

kept pulling and dragging and … biting …


Poor Julia.

If only she’d gone to the mall instead. 

Her peaceful day at the beach ended quite abruptly.

They never did find her body.

Probably because, they ate it all … mothers always taste the most delicious.

Thank you so much Janine for this amazing story! I probably will never visit the beach again now. Definitely not alone! 

Check out Janine’s Patreon to get your own story.