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I only read one book at a time. It helps me focus on the task at hand, and allows me not to get side tracked. I’m usually a multi-tasker, but I do think that books deserve absolute undivided intention.
I have tried to read two books at a time in the past, but that just isn’t for me. I don’t like mixing storylines, as most of my books have very different themes.

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The Gatherings Review

The Gatherings Review

Kindle Edition, First, 74 pages   Published August 7th 2020 by Infinite Ray Publishing   A 5 star read ★★★★★ My summary:  Promoting global peace, celebrities and politicians are urging people to partake in so-called “Gatherings”, which sort of seem like...

The Haunting of Beatrix Greene Review

The Haunting of Beatrix Greene Review

Kindle Edition, 23 pages (this only counts the first episode) Published August 7th 2020 by Serial Box A 5 star read ★★★★★ My summary:  Beatrix Greene, is a spiritual medium bringing comfort to the relatives of the deceased. With the help of her childhood friend Haz,...

How I Became a Full-Time Book Review Blogger

In May of 2019, I was looking through Instagram and saw that there was an actual community for just readers. I knew this was for me, and I quickly created an account. After connecting with several other book nerds and authors, I knew it was only fair to review the books I was reading. 

Until that point I would only grade the books by the five star scheme, but felt like my audience needed more. I wanted to explain to them why I felt a certain way toward a book.